Menstrual Cycle Awareness is a mindfulness practice and is therefore ideal for any forward-thinking workplace looking for new initiatives in the areas of wellness, mental health, resilience training, creativity, HR policy, diversity and inclusivity.

I give talks and workshops in the workplace. If you are interested in a talk or workshop on Menstruality in the workplace and how we can support women at work through their cycles, get in touch here!

My talks and workshops are engaging, interactive and practical. I speak about the cyclical nature of women’s bodies and how best to look after ourselves in a busy environment, how best to harness our energies and how to work with the cycle for communication, creativity, project management and wellbeing at work.

Many women suffer in silence in the workplace or push themselves through their cycle at the expense of their wellbeing. This no longer needs to be the case! I teach women how to work with the changing energies of their cycle so that it can support their work rather than be a burden.


Joan, Shopify, Ireland

For two weeks every month I am an absolute superhero and for the other two weeks, I can barely get out of my own way.  I had always thought that my period was my problem, and any issues I experienced with cramps, headaches, fatigue or nausea was completely in my head and something I needed to get better control over so I could be more productive in every aspect of my life.  It wasn't until Lisa gave our company a presentation on Menstruality and living cyclically that I realised I wasn't the only woman with these thoughts and self loathing ideas during our menstrual cycle, and by understanding and being mindful of our cycle, we can actually work with it for a better outcome. This insight is a complete game changer for women!

Lei, Shopify, Canada

Lisa's talk taught me to capitalize on my superwoman weeks and be gentler with myself in the second half of my cycle. It's helpful to realize that you're not alone in these cycles, but even more, that you can be empowered by them. Definitely a valuable presentation that makes me wish menstruality was required teaching growing up.

Shay, Shopify, Canada

Hearing Lisa's talk on Cyclical Awareness and Cyclical Living was amazing. She approached the subject by sharing years of experience, with openness, vulnerability and warmth. I learned so much in the short session, and she set us up to continue learning with creating a discussion group, and sharing resources! Thanks Lisa <3 your work is invaluable!