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Ailbhe, Ireland

You've completely changed the way I think about my period. I'm going to try treating my body like it's going through the seasons from now on. I've had health problems and energy problems for years, and it's always the same -- about two weeks gung-ho at a new approach, followed by a week's struggle to keep it up and then another of falling apart and serious pain. I had never even related it back to my period, but it now seems so obvious because the symptoms are always the same. So, I just want to thank you because I was a bit skeptical when I read your article (I didn't know what a period coach could possibly do!), but I am a complete convert. Or I think I am. Having tried most things, this seems like a straightforward and manageable way to make sense of life. You've helped me see my life in a brand-new light, and I am forever grateful.

Liz, Communications Manager, Ireland

Lisa's coaching has helped me to become more conscious of what my body is saying and taught me how to tune in and maximise my energy levels when I need to. The benefits are huge and it's such a good feeling when you notice even the smallest changes in yourself and how you deal with certain situations.

Shay, Shopify, Canada

Hearing Lisa's talk on Cyclical Awareness and Cyclical Living was amazing. She approached the subject by sharing years of experience, with openness, vulnerability and warmth. I learned so much in the short session, and she set us up to continue learning with creating a discussion group, and sharing resources! Thanks Lisa <3 your work is invaluable!

Luise Jørgensen, Mindfulness Coach

Just read your guide, and wanted to let you know how great it is! It's super practical, beautiful and inspiring. I've been tracking my period for quite some time, but I feel inspired to actually keep more notes throughout my cycle now.

Claire Baker, Australian Women’s Coach and Writer

So many women are craving a space to let go, to be heard and to be held. Even for just an hour! But who do we turn to for this kind of intimate support? Lisa is a skilled practitioner that I trust entirely. I left our MMC session feeling peaceful and reassured. There is much wisdom stored in the body and Lisa is a gifted guide, there to support you as you navigate your journey within. 

Christy Fike, USA

I just had Lisa lead me through a visualization technique that walked me through the different seasons of my cycle. She was a wonderful facilitator with such a gentle spirit to guide me through the whole process. I had some incredible images come up during my visualization that will be so helpful for me as I start becoming more aware of each season I'm in throughout the month.

Eli Al Sol, Dublin

Menstrual cycle awareness is something that changed my life long time ago and I am beyond grateful that Lisa came along the way. The world is starting to wake up and recognize the print and influence of menstrual cycles in our life not only as women but as society and Lisa's roll is veeery important. Lisa will help you, support you and hold you in a very sweet and gentle way. 
I had my first menstrual medicine circle session which works through visualizations. She helped me to step into myself and connect with my cycle and I was able to recognize the beauty of it. She also held the space for the moments I needed a gentle hand and I don't have enough words of gratitude for all of it!
I cannot wait to have another session and keep growing in this beautiful journey to return into my inner wisdom and superpowers. Thanks so much Lisa!

Jessica May Tang, Self Love and Empowerment Coach, USA

Lisa has been a blessing in my life. She is one of the kindest, most knowledgeable women I have met who was the perfect fit for what I needed when I met her. As they say, when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Lisa's recommended reading of "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" has been life changing as well!

Leanne O'Sullivan - Irish poet on Lisa's poetry                  

I very much admire the atmosphere this poem creates through its technical achievement, it's use of rhyme and repetition and a wonderful rhythmic sway the writer brings to every line. But what impressed me very much is how the writer is able to marry that musicality with maturity and wisdom. She brings together past and present, myth and experience in a way that is immediate and intimate and incredibly moving. I look forward to meeting this writer in our workshop!

Isla, Consultant and Creative Director/Producer for events, UK

Lisa is gifted at this work and I'm so pleased she's decided to take it out into the world in the form of her coaching business. She has made an immeasurably positive difference to me and my own relationship with my cycle, and I would encourage any woman to delve into this work with Lisa by your side.

I have had menstruality healing and coaching with Lisa, and will continue to do so. I have a difficult cycle and there are several areas of my menstruality and fertility which have been of concern and pain to me: I started my cycles very early (aged 9) and had a painful and difficult time from the off, I was diagnosed with PCOS several years ago and have recently found out that this has worsened, I have experienced (at least) two miscarriages and I still don’t have children. I also have a genetic blood condition which affects my hormone levels, particularly making my thyroid on the side of underactive. In addition to this, and unfortunately like so many women, I carry trauma around past abuse, maltreatment of my body and various traumatic experiences as a woman. Phew, is that all?!

Every cycle, I experience a plethora of symptoms - from pain to exhaustion - alongside difficult emotions around my body not working 'as it should' or being 'broken’. The more I have spoken to other women about this subject, the more I have found these symptoms and feelings are so common.

For several years, I had read about and lightly explored the world of cycle awareness by myself - from scouring the internet to buying and reading books. Meeting and working with Lisa was the first time I had shared this with someone else. I took particular joy in finding a shared passion and belief in the importance of this work for all women. I had felt a little silly and private about it before I met Lisa.

She has absolutely been the catalyst for making this work a firm part of my life, my health and my healing. I could not have made the progress I have without her. She also enables me to proudly declare it as something that is vital to me, that I am allowed and permitted to give time and energy to.

Lisa has held precious and gentle space for me to explore my cycle with more love than I have previously given to myself. She will give you space to try, explore, fail, to raise questions without demanding immediate answers, to safely go deep inside yourself.

She has also put the work in herself to truly learn this subject and is a reliable and knowledgeable source. I have particularly enjoyed her providing me with a combination of the 'soft' things, such as space to explore, alongside the 'firmer' areas such as knowledge, hints and tips. I run my own business and she has particularly helped me to explore how I can work in a more loving, gentle way for myself and in line with the energy and rest periods my cycle already provides me with.

Lisa is gentle yet joyful, serious about her subject yet down to earth, approachable and lighthearted. If you have the opportunity to take part in this work with Lisa, I encourage you to go for it! I firmly believe cycle awareness can be a wonderful part of the female revolution, starting with a more gentle and loving way of relating to our bodies and selves. I wish you all the luck!