Hi there, I'm Lisa and I’m a Menstruality Coach.

I teach women how to live in sync with their menstrual cycle for a more balanced and fulfilled life through a mindfulness practice called Menstrual Cycle Awareness.

When we begin to work with the changing energies of the menstrual cycle, our cycle becomes a container to support our lives, rather than be a burden. We feel more whole, creative and free.

Did you know that being a woman and having a menstrual cycle is like having different seasons in our bodies every month? I am here to teach you, to guide you and to support you to understand and ride the waves of the subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, energetic changes of your cycle each month. I will help you create a personalised self-care plan for healing and so that you can live a balanced and fulfilled life - all by tuning into you and helping you find your way.

As a Menstruality Coach I can help you with:

  • Your path to healing from menstrual issues such as PMT, period pain, PMDD, endometriosis, PCOS through a personalised self-care plan.

  • Support on your fertility journey.

  • Managing your energy levels as a cyclical woman so you can be more efficient and productive in your life and work.

  • Support around mental health challenges such as stress, anxiety and depression.

  • Improved health through better sleep, diet, exercise and relaxation at the right times of the menstrual cycle.

  • Increased confidence, motivation, assertiveness and creativity by harnessing the powers of the cycle.

  • Leadership - managing your creative project or business around the changing energies of the menstrual cycle to be your happiest and most creative self!

  • Processing trauma and grief - especially if womb related such as miscarriage, womb twin loss and abortion.

  • Deepening your already existing menstruality - for emotional processing, guidance, support and energetic clearing.

What my clients have said:

"Lisa's coaching has helped me to become more conscious of what my body is saying and taught me how to tune in and maximise my energy levels when I need to. The benefits are huge and it's such a good feeling when you notice even the smallest changes in yourself and how you deal with certain situations." ⁓ Liz, Communications Manager, Ireland

“You've completely changed the way I think about my period. I'm going to try treating my body like it's going through the seasons from now on. I've had health problems and energy problems for years, and it's always the same -- about two weeks gung-ho at a new approach, followed by a week's struggle to keep it up and then another of falling apart and serious pain. I had never even related it back to my period, but it now seems so obvious because the symptoms are always the same. So, I just want to thank you because I was a bit skeptical when I read your article (I didn't know what a period coach could possibly do!), but I am a complete convert. Or I think I am. Having tried most things, this seems like a straightforward and manageable way to make sense of life. You've helped me see my life in a brand-new light, and I am forever grateful.” ⁓ Ailbhe

"Lisa is gifted at this work and I'm so pleased she's decided to take it out into the world in the form of her coaching business. She has made an immeasurably positive difference to me and my own relationship with my cycle, and I would encourage any woman to delve into this work with Lisa by your side." ⁓Isla, Consultant and Creative Director/Producer for events, UK

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