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As your Menstruality coach, I will help, support and hold you accountable along the way of your very own personalised journey.

Perhaps you need support with healing, with managing your energy levels, a creative project or you need creative guidance and support as a female entrepreneur or woman in business. I know what it's like. I know how busy and stressful it can be - I've been there!

In our coaching sessions, I use my knowledge and experience of working with the menstrual cycle as a way for you to tap in to your very own inner guidance system. I help you connect, to heal, to slow down, to listen and to make changes so that you can finally live a more balanced life and apply this way of living to your work and personal life. 

I provide two options for working with me - book one session at a time to see how it goes or, purchase a package at a discounted rate:

Single session 

  • 1:1 online coaching via Skype or Zoom; or at my house in Dublin.

  • 60 - 70 minute session with recording sent afterwards

  • Includes either Menstruality Coaching or the Menstrual Medicine Circle, depending where you are at with this work. Gentle meditation.

  • Action items for further healing and self-care

  • Your Cycle Matters Resource Guide ebook

  • €60

Package details

  • 4 Months 1:1 online coaching via Skype or Zoom

  • 8 x 60 Minute calls - 1 every two weeks

  • Recording of the call

  • Action items and next steps

  • Weekly Email support

  • Your Cycle Matters Resource Guide ebook

  • Four Month Package - €100 per month

  • Or, if you book a package of 8 months in advance, you will receive 10% discount

In the first couple of sessions, we will explore more practically what areas you want to improve and get clarity on where you'd like to be with your health, work, creative projects or relationships - whatever you bring. We will work from the very beginning - you don't need to know anything about menstruation or even what day you are on. Come as you are!

Then when you feel ready, we will dive more deeply into the work of Menstruality, building a deep relationship with the sacred cycle within you so that you can leave our coaching sessions feeling more self-assured, confident as though your cycle now has your back!

What clients have said:

"Lisa's coaching has helped me to become more conscious of what my body is saying and taught me how to tune in and maximise my energy levels when I need to. The benefits are huge and it's such a good feeling when you notice even the smallest changes in yourself and how you deal with certain situations." ⁓ Liz, Communications Manager, Ireland

"Lisa has held precious and gentle space for me to explore my cycle with more love than I have previously given to myself. She will give you space to try, explore, fail, to raise questions without demanding immediate answers, to safely go deep inside yourself.

She has also put the work in herself to truly learn this subject and is a reliable and knowledgeable source. I have particularly enjoyed her providing me with a combination of the 'soft' things, such as space to explore, alongside the 'firmer' areas such as knowledge, hints and tips. I run my own business and she has particularly helped me to explore how I can work in a more loving, gentle way for myself and in line with the energy and rest periods my cycle already provides me with.

Lisa is gentle yet joyful, serious about her subject yet down to earth, approachable and lighthearted. If you have the opportunity to take part in this work with Lisa, I encourage you to go for it! I firmly believe cycle awareness can be a wonderful part of the female revolution, starting with a more gentle and loving way of relating to our bodies and selves. I wish you all the luck!" ⁓ Isla, Consultant and Creative Director/Producer for events, UK

Are you ready for this? Don't hesitate to contact me below and book a free 15 minute chat. 

Already know you want coaching with me? Then get in touch now to find the perfect time.