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Period Coaching

Why Period Coaching?

The world of holistic health can be overwhelming with information, confusing and even misleading. Perhaps you don’t have the time and patience to do it all yourself. In fact, the journey of Menstrual Cycle Awareness, tracking the cycle and learning to live a little more in harmony with the cycle is not a solo journey. I’m here to help you with exactly that!

As your Menstruality Coach, I will guide and support you on your very own personalised journey to wellbeing. I am here to educate you with information and options for self-care. I will guide, advise and hold you in your own process of this journey while also holding you accountable so that change can happen.

What to expect from Period Coaching:

  • First, we will take an initial overview of your current experience of the menstrual cycle and what your overall intentions are for coaching.

  • We will also take an overview of the context of your life in relevant areas: physical and emotional wellbeing, diet, exercise, work, responsibilities, people, spirituality, dreams and desires. This will give me a clear understanding of who you are!

  • We will look at what you have tried already in terms of conventional and holistic health; what works and what doesn’t work.

  • We will then create a personalised plan for our time together with a timeline of goals.

  • I will teach you the best and most convenient ways to track your cycle and what areas to pay attention to. Each time we meet, you will share your progress and observations and we will create specific action items towards a personalised self-care plan.

  • This work can sometimes go quite deep, bringing up emotions and difficult experiences. I am also here to hold you in that space and to listen, where we will always move gently.

  • Throughout this journey, you can see me as a bridge or guide, helping you navigate the world of wellness and self-care in relation to your menstrual cycle so that you can come to a place of healing and balance.

Practical Details

The journey of Menstruality Coaching is an investment in you! It takes time and is a gentle approach. I therefore highly recommend committing to at least one package for change to take place.

Single Session

  • Where: In my 1:1 coaching room in Kilmainham, Dublin OR Online via Zoom/Skype

  • Price: €60

  • Time: 1 hour

  • Notes/recording can be provided upon request

6-Month Package (12 coaching sessions)

  • Where: In my 1:1 coaching room in Kilmainham, Dublin OR Online via Zoom/Skype

  • Frequency: This is up to you - I suggest 2 sessions per month for 6 months.

  • Price: €600 for 12 sessions (discount of €10 per session compared with single session)

Are you ready for this? Don't hesitate to contact me below and book a free 15 minute chat. 

What clients have said:

"Lisa's coaching has helped me to become more conscious of what my body is saying and taught me how to tune in and maximise my energy levels when I need to. The benefits are huge and it's such a good feeling when you notice even the smallest changes in yourself and how you deal with certain situations." ⁓ Liz, Communications Manager, Ireland

“So many women are craving a space to let go, to be heard and to be held. Even for just an hour! But who do we turn to for this kind of intimate support? Lisa is a skilled practitioner that I trust entirely. I left our session feeling peaceful and reassured. There is much wisdom stored in the body and Lisa is a gifted guide, there to support you as you navigate your journey within.” ⁓ Claire Baker, Writer and Health Coach

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